Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bruvver where are you.........

I was very tired from the time trial and the half marathon and it affected the following week's training and motivation which was a good thing to experience and move through. My experiences in my outer and inner world are quite similar in that the struggles and outcomes seem to be mirroring each other. I meditate a lot while running and work through various issues for me - it is a great gift I am accessing.
I ran my 1st club run on Sunday with Randburg Harriers - it was a 26k run. I ran with this chap Edward the whole way - I don't think he had spoken much during the week coz he definitely used up all his 2000 allocated words a day x 6 days! He was the spitting image of Paul my brother in law and it made me nostalgic for my bruvver's company. He ran the London Marathon with me a million years ago and I wished he could run with me now - I think I am a bit better now than I was then but we will test this out on 07 March. I run my qualifying marathon in Edenvale on that day and am hoping for a 4:30 run. Paul is a phenomal athlete and thinks nothing of running a marathon on no training and not even raising a sweat! Tired legs today - am going to put them up a wall for a bit.

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  1. You are going to have to fly Paul out for this!!!