Sunday, February 28, 2010

Psyched out, on psych couch, psycho babble, psycho....

Oh boy - what am I doing? How big is this challenge, how much is it taking out of me, how much is it costing (new shoes and all) - can I reach the goal? I injured my hamstring last week and had a forced rest - it was divine and I was very running inspired by Sunday when I ran 18kms on fresh legs. And then the psychological wheels fell off again. I am not sure what I am training harder at the moment my legs or my head. So the immediate aim is to run the qualifier marathon next Sunday (I am sh....ting myself!) and we then work on the next step. I know I have speed in me but it is very elusive at the moment.
I have an easier running week this week although I do run a 5.6km race on Thursday. Hopefully rested legs will give me the umph I need to qualify.
Bought new shoes this week. My last pair of Asics Cumulus were good for about 770kms. I have bought Asics Nimbus which are a harder shoe so will hopefully be good for 800 - 900kms - which includes Comrades.
Faith, Gratitude, Abundance
Faith, Gratitude, Abundance
Faith, Gratitude, Abundance

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