Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Digging a little deeper

Sometimes when I am fatigued I get quite overwhelmed by the goal I have set for myself. My running last week was a real mixed bag. I ran on Tuesday morning with Doug to his work 5.3kms away. I ran hard (coz I had a point to prove and was being stubborn - hmph that doesn't sound like me!) and was very tired running back home. Then on Thursday I did the Randburg Harriers time trial - 8km. I ran that hard and finished in 46.29. I was so chuffed with myself - losing 1.30 minutes from the previous time. The pizza and savanna afterwards were absolutely well deserved. When I ran on Saturday I was really tired and battled with the 13kms. We had a dinner party on Saturday night so I was very apprehensive about the run on Sunday - I was supposed to do 16kms. I thought I would just get out and put one poetjie in front of the other and aim for 10. Well I got stronger and stronger and finished really strongly on 15.7kms.
The motivation this week is not very strong - will have to dig deeper to reach it....

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