Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well that was horrible....

I felt really good physically after the 60km last Sunday. I recovered quicker after this run that after the marathon or so I thought. However mentally it is all a little messy in there. I have really been battling with motivation this week. I was very busy work-wise, it rained from Thursday and winter arrived so all in all it was a little tricky to get me out of bed. I got to the club this morning to do a 30km hoping for a bit of motivation from fellow runners. I ended up at the back of the pack from 200m outside the club gate and it went down hill from there (and that was not the run profile). I wanted to call Doug a hundred times to some a fetch me but managed to out-manoevre myself on this. I ranted and raved and convinced me this was good and was my choice. And when I got back to the car 4 hours later and there wasn't a single person there I burst into tears! In my opinion not a good CLUB run but whatever.
Anyway I am hurting - knees, back, glutes but the good news is I don't run tomorrow and it is a holiday! Off to bed now with a book and painkiller

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

60kms and counting.....

I ran the RAC 60km run on Sunday and it was GREAT! But bliksem it is bleddy far! The run was so well organised and there were a lot of runners. I imagined that it would be lonesome me at the back of the pack but I ran with people the whole way. I ran with my old buddy Bruce "oh captain my captain" Clark for the 1st 20 or so kms. We had a really lovely natter. I battled a bit from 20 - 32 kms and then something else kicked in. I took an Ibumol for my knee (the ITB in my right knee was biting) and put my ear phones in and sang my way through about 30kms. Dougie met me at about 34 kms. It was lovely to see him and get some snacks and TLC. I finished the run strong mentally and physically and also not feeling like I couldn't take one more step - which has boosted my confidence. I got to 45kms at 5h30 and finished in 7h40. It is still a little slow. I want to get to 45km on Comrades in 5:15 which just gives a little more breathing space for the 2nd half.
I am so excited and nervous and can't wait and am dreading it and ready for the challenge.
I still have a couple of weeks of biggish milage but it will all start coming down now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The road is long

Well I have been battling injuries a bit and the milage has really suffered. I got a bit sick the week after the marathon - I guess my immune system dived a little. I have had left hamstring issues, on-going back issues and the last long run my right knee was aflicted with VERY painful ITB.... but apart from that everything is going fabulously well!
As of tonight 50 more days left. I do big milage this week and next week run the long run - 60kms. I have now run the last 34 kms of Comrades - so at least I know what that road looks like. I am apprehensive and excited and doubful and positive. I can feel the end of the race but I have some inkling of the pain as well. Oh boy....
I said to a non runner the other day - well to be precise my Mom - that perhaps this goal was a little too big for me. She said well then I should just not do it. At this stage that is like saying to a horse on the way home from a long day on the range that it should not go back to it stable. I WILL be on that start line and I will give it my ALL on the day.