Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wildrun - bring it on!!

Oh my goodness we set off for the Wildrun tommorrow - @Santacruzrulz and I on NOT a whole bunch of training. We saw some pictures from the guys who ran it last week - it looks absolutely stunning. I am a tad concerned about the 14 river crossings due to this irrational fear I have of sharks, crocodiles and pirhanas.
Our training has been somewhat haphazard due to bodies behaving in a very dodgey manner, work that keeps interfering with training (how rude) and well, .... simply life.
I did get to run the The Crazystore Magaliesberg Challenge (www.trailrunning.co.za). This was a 31.5km run. I have to confess I was a broken chickie trailrunner at the end of that race! Hopefully if there are any of those days on the Wildrun it is the last day!
Fi and I have done a few lists - you know one master list and 35 other lists! I confess I lurv lists.
I have packed loads of running bras (well endowed and running are not best friends), 2 pairs shoes, sunglasses, my new fabulous camelbac hydration system, back massager and chocolate - right I guess I am about ready.