Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be patient and have faith

It appears my back has packed up. The last running I did was in December and I miss it desperately. I have had a back scan and there is massive imflammation in the sacro-illiac joints plus there is still the arthritus. I have had a cortisone injection (tooo einaa sore!) - which I had 20 Feb 3.5 weeks ago. There has been some measure of relief but really not a lot. I am working with a Biokinetist and still doing pilates in a bid to strengthen up the core. The mornings are just too hectic with pain but generally it gets a bit better during the day. I am walking and started running 1 minute for every 4 mins walking. It feels fine when I run and I can't work out if it increases the pain a day or 2 later. The next step is an MRI and then who knows. I am not quite ready for the next step.
I am really working hard on staying positive and being patient and not being rude to my body and treating the pain with respect. Gosh don't I sound grown-up. Trust me I don't feel like it much of the time.