Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Digging a little deeper

Sometimes when I am fatigued I get quite overwhelmed by the goal I have set for myself. My running last week was a real mixed bag. I ran on Tuesday morning with Doug to his work 5.3kms away. I ran hard (coz I had a point to prove and was being stubborn - hmph that doesn't sound like me!) and was very tired running back home. Then on Thursday I did the Randburg Harriers time trial - 8km. I ran that hard and finished in 46.29. I was so chuffed with myself - losing 1.30 minutes from the previous time. The pizza and savanna afterwards were absolutely well deserved. When I ran on Saturday I was really tired and battled with the 13kms. We had a dinner party on Saturday night so I was very apprehensive about the run on Sunday - I was supposed to do 16kms. I thought I would just get out and put one poetjie in front of the other and aim for 10. Well I got stronger and stronger and finished really strongly on 15.7kms.
The motivation this week is not very strong - will have to dig deeper to reach it....

Breakdown of Dischem 1/2 Marathon - I LUUURVE statistics!

I thought this was quite interesting - seeing a breakdown of the race with splits. I recorded my time as finishing in 2:19 due to the time to go over the start line.

Results for: Aileen Kennaugh in Dis-Chem Half Marathon (17/01/2010) Chip Code: 4TKPPSM

Personal details:
Gender: Female
Age: 39

Online PDF Certificate

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Start Information:

Start Time: 6:02:03
Distance: 21.1 Km Half Marathn
Category: Open

Split Times and Average Speed:

Acc. Time Split Time min/km km/h
Split Time 12Km 1:22:41 1:22:41 6:53 8.71
Finish 2:22:05 0:59:25 6:32 9.19
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Finish Information:

Finish Time: 2:22:05
Avg. Speed (min/km): 6:44
Avg. Speed (km/h): 8.91

Race Positions:
Category: 295 out of 576
Gender: 570 out of 1232
Over All: 2521 out of 3800

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dischem Half Marathon

I got up at 4:20 this morning, ran a race at 6 am and was home for breakfast at 9:30am - not to shabby for a quiet Sunday morning! Good race this morning - it was the Dischem Half marathon in Bedfordview. Apparently this is the largest 1/2 marathon in Gauteng. They have a fantastic goodie bag (always nice to get sorry pressies for the pain) and it is very well organised. Just always a thing with toilets at these large events. I waited in the queue for 20 minutes and then gave it up. I ran steady and had a Hammer gel at 8kms. I was planning on having 2 gels during the race but really did not feel like the 2nd one at 16kms - or any other time after that. I got enough from the powerades and cokes at the tables. I met up with Brian - an old paddling buddy and a really stalwart in the paddling and running world. He was going to do this 29th Duzi this week - respect to you sir! Finished up in 02:19 and was quite happy with this although I was aiming for 2:15.
Tired legs today and very tender achilles tendons. And did I mention hungry......

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well hello again

I guess if I am going to make use of this forum I should be a whole lot more committed to making notes of things. Quite frankly I am feeling a little over whelmed with all the new and big things I am doing - so one step at a time Batgirl.
I have run pretty steady since starting this blog in Oct. I have run 369kms since beginning Oct until today. November was a month of very little running milage due to injuring my back and doing the 94.7 cycle race - with 2 training rides.
I run my 1st half marathon tomorrow for the year. I ran one in March last year. This is the Dischem 1/2 marathon in Bedfordview. I am looking forward to the run and to see how I fare compared to last year.
I joined the Randburg Harriers Running Club on Thursday. I hope to do the long runs with them on a Sunday. I ran their 8km time trial on Thurs. Eish! I nearly got lost coz I was at the back even tho I was running my toegas off! I did 48 minutes for 8kms which I was very chuffed about.
Ok going to make this thing pretty now and promise to be more diligent with entries.