Monday, February 15, 2010

Fake it til you make it

Wow this was quite a tough week. I ran fine on Tuesday - 10km. Thursday did the timetrial - I felt like I was running in syrup - I simply could not get speed, it was such an effort. I just kept on saying to me stay steady and focus on building the milage but still..... My time was 48:40 so slower by 2 minutes from the last time trial. I ran on Saturday by myself and again was so slow and battled with fatigue the whole run. Was pretty demotivated when I got home to a worried husband coz I had taken so long. I ran the club run on Sunday - 21 km Northcliff run (apparently reversed). Whew big climbs up the ridge and even bigger descents. It rained a bit and was cool which was great. The views were absolutely stunning. I then ran home in order to get some further distance - did a total of 31 kms. I was chuffed for the distance but it was tough. I made me doubt my ability to finish Comrades in the allowed time. I was hoping for a 4:30 in my qualifying marathon but looking at these sorts of time I guess it will be closer to 5 hours - eeeuw that is cutting it so close!
I am only now getting a sense of the commitment for this huge challenge in my life. My Sundays are pretty much wiped out at the moment coz i am so exhausted from the run. I am having to work really hard at not psching myself out of this. I need to readjust goals and headspace. Perhaps fake it til I make it......

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