Sunday, February 28, 2010

I can see home ....

Took a while to upload - pic from Dischem 21km in Jan

Psyched out, on psych couch, psycho babble, psycho....

Oh boy - what am I doing? How big is this challenge, how much is it taking out of me, how much is it costing (new shoes and all) - can I reach the goal? I injured my hamstring last week and had a forced rest - it was divine and I was very running inspired by Sunday when I ran 18kms on fresh legs. And then the psychological wheels fell off again. I am not sure what I am training harder at the moment my legs or my head. So the immediate aim is to run the qualifier marathon next Sunday (I am sh....ting myself!) and we then work on the next step. I know I have speed in me but it is very elusive at the moment.
I have an easier running week this week although I do run a 5.6km race on Thursday. Hopefully rested legs will give me the umph I need to qualify.
Bought new shoes this week. My last pair of Asics Cumulus were good for about 770kms. I have bought Asics Nimbus which are a harder shoe so will hopefully be good for 800 - 900kms - which includes Comrades.
Faith, Gratitude, Abundance
Faith, Gratitude, Abundance
Faith, Gratitude, Abundance

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fake it til you make it

Wow this was quite a tough week. I ran fine on Tuesday - 10km. Thursday did the timetrial - I felt like I was running in syrup - I simply could not get speed, it was such an effort. I just kept on saying to me stay steady and focus on building the milage but still..... My time was 48:40 so slower by 2 minutes from the last time trial. I ran on Saturday by myself and again was so slow and battled with fatigue the whole run. Was pretty demotivated when I got home to a worried husband coz I had taken so long. I ran the club run on Sunday - 21 km Northcliff run (apparently reversed). Whew big climbs up the ridge and even bigger descents. It rained a bit and was cool which was great. The views were absolutely stunning. I then ran home in order to get some further distance - did a total of 31 kms. I was chuffed for the distance but it was tough. I made me doubt my ability to finish Comrades in the allowed time. I was hoping for a 4:30 in my qualifying marathon but looking at these sorts of time I guess it will be closer to 5 hours - eeeuw that is cutting it so close!
I am only now getting a sense of the commitment for this huge challenge in my life. My Sundays are pretty much wiped out at the moment coz i am so exhausted from the run. I am having to work really hard at not psching myself out of this. I need to readjust goals and headspace. Perhaps fake it til I make it......

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comrades Training Programme

This is the current training programme - I have tweaked it quite a bit but think this will be THE ONE.
Week Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Weekly total Actual total Races/long runs Notes
4-Jan Rest 6 10.5 0 6.6 0 18.5 41.6 40.1
11-Jan Rest 10 Rest 8 Rest 5 21 44 50.51 Dischem 21 5:37
18-Jan Rest 7 Rest 8 Rest 8 25 48 50.08
25-Jan Rest 10 Rest 8 Rest 10 26 54 51.44
1-Feb Rest 9 Rest 10 Rest 12 26 57 56.34 26 rh zoo 7:08
8-Feb Rest 10 Rest 10 Rest 15 28 63
own route
15-Feb Rest 13 Rest 8 Rest 15 25 61
25 rh hurlingham
22-Feb Rest 14 Rest 8 Rest 12 18 52
own route
1-Mar Rest 8 Rest 7 Rest rest 42 57
Remax 42 edenvale
8-Mar Rest rest Rest 8 Rest 10 35 53
35 rh leslie
15-Mar Rest 12 Rest 8 Rest 15 30 65
30 rh randburg
22-Mar Rest 14 Rest 10 Rest 18 30 72
own route
29-Mar Rest 14 Rest 10 Rest 20 rest 44
own route
5-Apr Rest 14 Rest 8 Rest 20 30 72
own route
12-Apr Rest 12 Rest 8 Rest 8 60 88
60 rac
19-Apr Rest 5 Rest 8 rest 20 32 65
32 rh gordon
26-Apr Rest 14 5 10 Rest 20 25 74
25 rh radiokop
3-May Rest 14 Rest 10 Rest 20 30 74
30 rh
10-May Rest 13 Rest 10 Rest 10 26 59
26 rh zoo
17-May Rest 12 Rest 8 Rest 5 15 40
own route
24-May Rest 5 Rest 4 Rest 2 89 100