Monday, March 14, 2011

Simply beautiful

There are moments of such beauty if you simply pause to observe (and then run like the blazers to find where the camera is hiding to get this moment!)
Stunning sunset in Joburg.... Love this time of the day - it means its closer to having a glass of wine!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Take a moment

I am feeling so full of gratitude at the moment - it is a wonderful, full, whole feeling.
My Cara dog (my first born!) just fills me with love. She always looks in the windows to see where I am in the house. As soon as I step outside she is near me. When I garden she lolls around me touching me in someway and never EVER says no to a cuddle.
I looked out at my garden yesterday - the sprinklers were on and the leaves were all glisteny and green and fresh. I got such a surge of contentment.
I walked back into our bedroom this morning and Kayla had climbed into bed with Doug. There was this little person with messy mushy bed hair and a huge grin at being tucked up under her Daddy's arm. And then there was this man with a goofy grin on his face and a "look at me" expression with his arm tucked around his little girl. There was that surge again.
I ran this morning and felt immense gratitude for my body. It works so beautifully - my lungs taking the air in and letting it out, my heart faithfully pumping the blood around my body, the muscles contracting and expanding so well and aiding the joints in my forward movement, my ears hearing all the chirruping birds and the noise of my foot fall, my eyes taking in the blue sky with white clouds and the stunning colours of the trees moving from the greens to the oranges, my skin feeling the sweat pour down my face and back and the cool wind drying it off - and again, clearly, there was that surge.
Thanks for awareness and the space in between the tricky stuff.