Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well hello again

I guess if I am going to make use of this forum I should be a whole lot more committed to making notes of things. Quite frankly I am feeling a little over whelmed with all the new and big things I am doing - so one step at a time Batgirl.
I have run pretty steady since starting this blog in Oct. I have run 369kms since beginning Oct until today. November was a month of very little running milage due to injuring my back and doing the 94.7 cycle race - with 2 training rides.
I run my 1st half marathon tomorrow for the year. I ran one in March last year. This is the Dischem 1/2 marathon in Bedfordview. I am looking forward to the run and to see how I fare compared to last year.
I joined the Randburg Harriers Running Club on Thursday. I hope to do the long runs with them on a Sunday. I ran their 8km time trial on Thurs. Eish! I nearly got lost coz I was at the back even tho I was running my toegas off! I did 48 minutes for 8kms which I was very chuffed about.
Ok going to make this thing pretty now and promise to be more diligent with entries.

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