Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breakdown of Dischem 1/2 Marathon - I LUUURVE statistics!

I thought this was quite interesting - seeing a breakdown of the race with splits. I recorded my time as finishing in 2:19 due to the time to go over the start line.

Results for: Aileen Kennaugh in Dis-Chem Half Marathon (17/01/2010) Chip Code: 4TKPPSM

Personal details:
Gender: Female
Age: 39

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Start Information:

Start Time: 6:02:03
Distance: 21.1 Km Half Marathn
Category: Open

Split Times and Average Speed:

Acc. Time Split Time min/km km/h
Split Time 12Km 1:22:41 1:22:41 6:53 8.71
Finish 2:22:05 0:59:25 6:32 9.19
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Finish Information:

Finish Time: 2:22:05
Avg. Speed (min/km): 6:44
Avg. Speed (km/h): 8.91

Race Positions:
Category: 295 out of 576
Gender: 570 out of 1232
Over All: 2521 out of 3800

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