Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dischem Half Marathon

I got up at 4:20 this morning, ran a race at 6 am and was home for breakfast at 9:30am - not to shabby for a quiet Sunday morning! Good race this morning - it was the Dischem Half marathon in Bedfordview. Apparently this is the largest 1/2 marathon in Gauteng. They have a fantastic goodie bag (always nice to get sorry pressies for the pain) and it is very well organised. Just always a thing with toilets at these large events. I waited in the queue for 20 minutes and then gave it up. I ran steady and had a Hammer gel at 8kms. I was planning on having 2 gels during the race but really did not feel like the 2nd one at 16kms - or any other time after that. I got enough from the powerades and cokes at the tables. I met up with Brian - an old paddling buddy and a really stalwart in the paddling and running world. He was going to do this 29th Duzi this week - respect to you sir! Finished up in 02:19 and was quite happy with this although I was aiming for 2:15.
Tired legs today and very tender achilles tendons. And did I mention hungry......

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