Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh boy....

Well my tapering has come to a stand-still - literally. I appear to have bursitis in my left hip - big einaar! I did 15km last week - big glup - programme says to do 54 km. I have been resting - which quite frankly I have loved. I do a test run tomorrow morning and will probably have a cortozone injection on Tuesday. Comrades feels very surreal now. 20 days left - feel the need to do more running.....


  1. And let me tell you how you're going to suffer.

    Like a pig?? No - worse than that.
    Like a dog then? Uh-uh - much worse than a dog.
    A broken, tired pancake? Worse!

    You going to suffer worse than a broken, tired, pig-dog pancake. Maybe even worse than that.

    ps - you've done more mileage than me!


  2. A broken tired pig-dog pancake - oh boy. Do I get to eat the pancake at the end - preferably with icecream and maple syrup tho..