Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well that was horrible....

I felt really good physically after the 60km last Sunday. I recovered quicker after this run that after the marathon or so I thought. However mentally it is all a little messy in there. I have really been battling with motivation this week. I was very busy work-wise, it rained from Thursday and winter arrived so all in all it was a little tricky to get me out of bed. I got to the club this morning to do a 30km hoping for a bit of motivation from fellow runners. I ended up at the back of the pack from 200m outside the club gate and it went down hill from there (and that was not the run profile). I wanted to call Doug a hundred times to some a fetch me but managed to out-manoevre myself on this. I ranted and raved and convinced me this was good and was my choice. And when I got back to the car 4 hours later and there wasn't a single person there I burst into tears! In my opinion not a good CLUB run but whatever.
Anyway I am hurting - knees, back, glutes but the good news is I don't run tomorrow and it is a holiday! Off to bed now with a book and painkiller

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