Friday, July 6, 2012

Acceptance and healing

Acceptence and healing ties in with forgivness and moving on.  I accept my body is different from what it was, I forgive it for letting me down, I heal it with gentleness and I move on.  Yoh all of that is hard.  And all of that is absolutely truthful.
The Doc says I am not to run again, EVER.  I still can't imagine my life without running.  But I do get glimpses of that.  I walked 3kms twice this week.  I connected a bit and breathed fresh air.  I spoke to my angels.  I wanted to know if my running angel was feeling a bit ham-strung - he showed me my shadow and all the glorious bits that were working and to focus on what I can do and NOT on what I can't do.  Actually it was a very clear message - thank you for that.
I am gaining a measure of accepance of the gym.
I have made changes in my life before and I can do it again.  There is that saying something like when a door closes a window opens.

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  1. Oh my special Aileen. What a very beautiful and difficult concept to get your head around and embrace. I acknowledge and admire your braveness and strength. Holding your hand from afar xxx