Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful seasons

I love the change of seasons and I love living in an area where we see and feel the changes.  This is looking out from Kayla's window.  She is a beautiful tree dressed in her Autumn frock.

 And in such contrast to the above the beautiful shades of summer are still in the garden.  This is a Tecomaria capensis - Cape Honeysuckle.  It flowers profusely at this time of the year but tends to give some flowers most times of the year.

I planted Dahlias last summer (2010) and they absolutely thrived this summer.  I have never cut so many flowers as I have off this plant.  This is the Dahlia Edinburgh variation.

A brief update on the back - the pain is unrelenting and constant.  The MRI reveals I have no disk at L5/S1 and very little disk at L4/L5.  The recommendation is disk replacement on both but if this is not possible then a fusion at L4 and disk replacement at L5.  My head is better adjusted for surgery now but it still scares me.

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