Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post Comrades nothingness

Nothing, nothing, nothing. Am frustrated and agitated by the lack of exercise. I tried a 6 km run last week - left foot felt very bruised and my back got very sore afterwards. There has been such a cold front that it is next to impossible to get up in the morning for anything. Have done a couple of gym sessions but am spectacularly underwhelmed by gyms. Have had flu since Fri - which does not help my mood, Kayla has been sick since Sat and Doug got sick this morning. And to crown it all Bafana have just lost to France - I feel so sick for those players. To strive so hard for a goal (no pun intended) and then not make it - oi it makes me tearful!
I need a focus. Tried to do a 6 week strength building and core strengthening programme this morning but with Kayla being at home (and very needy) and excell not playing nicely - I failed at that task!
3 more weeks of school holidays seem like a really looooooong time.
Am thinking a glass of red wine may do the trick.
My sister-in-law - Deidre is doing a blog of a photograph a day. I love the idea and may just do the same - you know copying and flattery and all that stuff.... see her lovely work:

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  1. Aw, sorry to hear you so down... Try filling each day with a tiny bite size (do-able) goal. It seems that big goals = setting yourself up for failure (at this juncture in your life).
    You need a do-able [fun] goal per day for you and one for Kayla while she is home. E.g. day 1: Kayla - make an instant pudding together in the bath (if it ends up as a painting session, fine), day 1: Aileen - 5 sit-ups from the core strengthening program (if you get to do more= yay). day 2: Kayla - look at a flower together, feel it, smell it, pull the petals apart, arrange the petals in a circle/line/count them. Day 2: Aileen - wear high heels all day at home (you are strengthening your calves...!)
    ALLOW yourself to have an autumn/winter in your life, where you hibernate under the soil and regenerate. Give yourself permission to [only] reach tiny goals (after your mammoth goal, you deserve to be kind to yourself, sister).

    Hey, I wish I was there to give you a BIG hug, you special gorgeous lady!x