Thursday, June 3, 2010

The dramas....

Oh boy and were there dramas......

I wrote a dozen lists of what to pack in what bag for what day - you know my normal anally retentive behaviour. I had slept really badly in that last week and was quite grumpy. We left at 4am on Friday morning and I slept all the way to Harrismith - thank you Doug. We had breakfast at Heikies restaurant and Kayla had a run around and jump on the trampolines. I then drove us to Pietermaritzburg. I found a parking and gathered my bits and pieces to go a register at Comrades House. I realised as we were down the road a bit that I had forgotten my shoe with my timing chip in the car. I ran back to get it, locked the door and checked that it was locked. I registered and bought myself a Comrades coffee mug and we ambled back to the car. We did not notice anything was amiss. Doug was driving and I was in the back with Kayla strapping her in. He asked why I had broken the GPS window attachment to which I grumpily replied I hadn't done anything of the sort. I asked him had he opened the cubbyhole and he said no. I flew over that seat and saw and suitcase and bag was missing - we had been ROBBED. Oh God what a horrible feeling. I ran up and down the street completely panicking - my running kit was stolen - all my stuff so carefully planned, packed, broken in - everything. I cried and shouted and wept and absolutely despaired. Fiona cried when I told her, my Mom cried, my dad swore. Anyway the police came, they took a statement and were very efficient.

We set off again on the road. I asked Doug - what now? Do I give up or do I run? Is this a series of warnings or is this a case of running despite all the things against me? There is no clear answer in the moment - it is only clear in hindsite. So I chose to run despite everything. We rushed off to a Sportsmans Warehouse and I replaced most of the running kit. I got a few other things for us to wear on the weekend.
I did a little run / walk on Saturday morning with some stretches. My bursitis was playing up a little and my glutes quite tight.
I slept so badly on Saturday night. I had 2 nightmares and my bursitis was so sore. I was so scared of the next day. I was scared of the pain and I was scared I would quit.
I said to Doug in the morning I was in pain and afraid. He said just go out and do the best you can -that is all. Enjoy whatever I do on the road for whatever length of time I am on the road.
We went to the start and Doug gave me huge hug and we went our separate ways.

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