Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's raining it's pouring lets get out of bed and stop snoring!

I had such a stunning run this morning in the rain. Doug comes to me very bleary-eyed wondering we were going to run. I think he was a little dismayed by my answer. My hubby does not like the rain! It was quite light when we left - I guess they closed the sluice gates upstairs and then opened them and then closed them. We parted ways at 3 kms - him to work and me back home. I splashed in puddles and relished in the cool nourishing water. I was laughing at one point coz it was raining ridiculously hard - I reckon the poor buggers in their cars thought I was completely barmy. (Probably not far off!).
Then a delicious well deserved breakfast with Fi - health bread, salmon, cream cheese and avo and copius amounts of tea.
What a beeeyadaful Wednesday morning!
Have joined Club100 cycling ( and entered a 50km race. The aim is to boost the running power with some cross training (and not to mention atttempt the 94.7 race in Nov FIT).

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  1. Thanks for the smile! I can just picture you laughing (and singing?) in the rain! I bet you made the "poor buggers" day - gave them something to talk about at the office!!
    You are so ridiculously fit and healthy (I fell positively inadequate!)
    Enjoy your rain-running: oh, you'd love running here then (through our forest!)