Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yes, yes YES!

I am qualified - whooo hooo! Ran the Remax 42km race yesterday in Edenvale in 04:46:31. My splits were:
10k 01:09
20k 02:15
30k 03:23
40k 04:34
2k 12min
My head was really strong and my legs generally felt good. There were times after 35kms that I really had to talk myself into maintaining the pace and not walk too long. I was fresh enough at the end to really up my pace for the last 2 kms and did not feel that I would not be able to go on. I practised being mindful and present and really feeling everything. I burst into tears at the finish line - big poep! This race was very big for me as up until yesterday I wasn't sure I had the speed in me. Sore stiff legs today but otherwise feel superb!

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